Paleo Resources

I did a Whole30 starting on January 1st of this year (extended till today) and I plan to continue on with paleo.  Here's some info for anyone who's interested.  There's a ton of info on the website but I really recommend reading the book (It Starts With Food) before making a decision to try it.  The book explains a lot of the science behind the rules & recommendations - I think understanding the "why" makes it easier to stick to some of the rules.  I attached the main pdfs I actually carried with me for the entire first few weeks.

Main site:
Timeline - freakishly accurate, at least in the early days:
"Can I have" questions:

Downloadable cheat sheets - I actually carried these with me for the entire first few weeks:  

You can find answers to a lot of specific questions just by googling "Whole30 " & whatever your question is - i.e. "Whole30 can i have canola oil"

Here are some blogs I really like for recipes/etc: - I used her Week 1 & Week 2 meal plans and I LOVE her Greek beef stew and chocolate chili - If you get the chance, you should hands-down make her Cracklin' Chicken - I wanted to eat the entire batch in one sitting - primal means she eats dairy, so not great for Whole30 but still a lot of Whole30-friendly recipes.  I really like her Hearty Fall Frittata, and she has recipes for both Buffalo Chicken Meatballs & Paleo Buffalo Wings - not great for Whole30 - she's more focused on gluten-free and tends to recreate a lot of baked goods and breads

Sciency Stuff:
Whole 30 and Whole 9 Life
Mark's Daily Apple